2017 Kawasaki KLX140G


The all-new KLX®140G is over 30 pounds lighter than all other competitors offering full-size wheels, offering confidence-inspiring capability in an easy-to-ride package. This off-road motorcycle features full-size wheels, comfortable ergonomics and light, nimble handling that is appreciated by riders of all skill levels. This combination allows riders to focus on fun, while the dependability and low-maintenance of the KLX140G make it the ultimate companion on the trail.​​​​​

Learning riders come in all sizes, and the lightweight KLX®140G offers full-size features for a roomy and comfortable fit to suit a wide variety of off-roaders, while still enabling a reassuring reach to the ground. 

Taller seat height ideal for intermediate or adult riders, Open ergonomics offer a roomy riding position, Full-size wheels featuring lightweight aluminum rims offer comfort and performance on the trail ​